The Disadvantages of Mulching Grass (7 Major Downsides)

The Disadvantages of Mulching Grass

You may have heard that mulching is one of the best ways of keeping your lawn healthy. But are there any disadvantages of mulching grass? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you have come to the right place!

Gardeners usually don’t talk about the disadvantages of mulching grass as much as they highlight its advantages. Mulching certainly helps to improve water retention, suppress weed growth, and maintain nutrient levels in your lawn. However, a good gardener must know both sides of the picture to avoid causing any potential harm to the grass.

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Should You Water Lawn After Fertilizing? (Why, And How Often?)

water lawn after fertilizing

New gardeners often ask whether it is necessary to water the lawn after fertilizing. If yes, then how often? You probably have the same questions, and that is why you are here!

Fertilization plays a big role in the long-term health of your lawn, and watering is a crucial part of it. The right timing and frequency both come down to complete science and are more than plain guesswork.

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Should You Water The Grass After Mowing? Is It Good or Bad?

should you water grass after mowing

If you want your lawn to look its best and you’re wondering, “should you water the grass after mowing?” you’re in the right place. There are several different answers to this question which can get rather confusing. So, in this article, we will show you why you should or should not water your lawn after mowing and whether it is good or bad.

You will learn the reason behind each statement and the possible problems you may cause if you water your grass right after cutting. In short, your action to either water or not has to do with the current state of the grass.

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How To Keep Rabbits Off Your Lawn (7 Proven Methods)

how to keep rabbits off lawn

Want to know how to keep rabbits off your lawn and out of your yard? In this article, we will be sharing everything you should know about getting rid of rabbits naturally.

We understand the pain of patiently growing a garden only to see rabbits reaping the rewards on multiple occasions. A single rabbit on your lawn may seem harmless at first. But truth be told, these fluffy balls of cuteness can cause mass destruction to your garden overnight.

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