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Best Electric Tiller
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Whether you’re short on gardening time or want to save yourself a lot of back-breaking work, our list of the best electric tillers is here to help!

Tasks such as breaking new ground or loosening the soil in garden beds can be physically demanding and time-consuming. Thankfully, an electric garden tiller can take the strain out of these jobs while also saving a lot of time.

A garden tiller is a great investment, but there are many different models to choose from. So to help narrow down your search, we’ve taken the time to research and review some of the best electric tillers available.

In this article, we will be sharing our top picks to make it easier for you to compare and select the right one for your needs. In addition, we will also explore some key points to consider when buying and answer some frequently asked questions at the end.

Let’s take a look!

Our Top 6 Best Electric Tillers Reviewed

1. Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator (Best Overall)

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator,Black
  • [POWERFUL]: 13.5-Amp motor cultivates up to 16 in. Wide x 8…
  • [DURABLE]: 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and…
  • [EASY STORAGE]: Handle folds for convenient storage and easy…

The number one spot goes to the Sun Joe TJ604E as the best electric tiller overall. It features a super powerful 13.5 amp motor and can reach depths of 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep. The steel tines make this tiller highly durable, and it operates with outstanding performance. It is an ideal solution for aerating the soil, preparing seedbeds for planting, and controlling stubborn weeds.

In addition, this tiller has foldable handles making it easily transportable, and the wheels have a handy adjustable feature for comfortable use. When it comes to the price, it is at the top end for an electric tiller, but overall, it is well worth the investment.

We like this tiller because it can break up hard-packed soil and dislodge rocks and stones, which shows the power of the machine.

The downside is that rocks can sometimes get stuck between the blades and generate a lot of dust.

What We Like:
  • Powerful 13.5 amp motor
  • Durable
  • Transportable
  • Good for aerating
What Could Be Better:
  • Very popular, sometimes out of stock
  • Top-end price

Is It For You?

The Sun Joe TJ604E is a great choice if you have large areas that need tilling or cultivating.

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Here’s a Video Review of the Sun Joe TJ604E:

2. Earthwise TC70025 Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator (Best Value for Money)

Earthwise TC70025 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 7.5-Inch,…
  • Powerful 2.5-Amp motor for superior power, run-time and…
  • (4) Durable steel tines; Cultivates and tills up to 7.5″…
  • Ideal for small to mid-size gardens and flower beds; Works…

Next up, we have the Earthwise TC70025 as our best value for money pick. This compact corded electric tiller is ideal for cultivating smaller areas. Its 2.5 amp motor is much smaller than the previous product but still provides enough power to break up the soil to 6 inches deep. This tiller is perfect for flower beds and is excellent for controlling weeds.

In addition, it is lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to use. And it has a soft handle to ensure comfort during use. Electric tools such as this Earthwise tiller don’t produce harmful emissions as gas-powered products do, making them an eco-friendly option.

We like this tiller because the company is dedicated to producing machines that support the environment by providing electrical products only.

On the whole, reviews for this tiller are mostly good. Buyers comment on its power and effectiveness over small and medium areas of soil. However, some mention that it doesn’t feel as strong as others and can’t really handle large jobs.

What We Like:
  • Compact design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Comfortable handle
What Could Be Better:
  • Not suitable for large areas

Is It For You?

The Earthwise TC70025 is best if you have a small garden and need a tiller for maintaining flower beds or controlling weeds.

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3. Hattomen Electric Garden Tiller (The Most Durable Overall)

Hattomen Electric Garden Tiller, 8.5 Amp Electric Cultivator, 14 Inch Tilling Width,…
  • Versatile: Can be used in vegetable gardens, orchard…
  • Powerful: 8.5 amp pure copper motor, stable performance,…
  • Cultivation size: Cultivates up to 14″ wide x 8″ deep, 4…

Next, we have the Hattomen electric garden tiller as the most durable overall. It has a powerful 8.5 amp motor, which provides super high speed and immense grinding action. It can cultivate areas 14 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

Additionally, sixteen steel tines make this tiller super durable and able to mix soil effortlessly and deroot weeds. It also offers safety switches for efficient and risk-free use.

Reviews are outstanding for this tiller, and buyers consistently mention its power and ability to dig through hard clay and rocks.

What We Like:
  • Powerful 8.5 amp motor
  • Deep soil penetration
  • Safety features
  • More steel tines than most
What Could Be Better:
  • Heavy

Is It For You?

The Hattomen electric garden tiller is best if you are focused on weed control and need a durable machine.

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4. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Tiller (Best Lightweight Tiller)

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70001S Electric Tiller, 11-Inch, 8.5-Amp, Green
  • Powerful 8.5-Amp Tiller Cultivator that provides the power…
  • Corded electric tiller ideal for small to medium-sized…
  • Durable 4-Steel fixed tines that can cultivate and till up…

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70001S is another good option for smaller yards. This corded electric tiller/cultivator is lightweight and durable and comes with a 8.5 amp motor, which is powerful for a small machine.

In addition, this tiller is easy to set up and comfortable to use, and it has fold-down wheels at the back for swift transportation. It also has a cord hook to prevent the cables from getting tangled.

Overall, reviews are excellent, with emphasis on its suitability for small yards and gardens.

What We Like:
  • Portable
  • Fold down back wheels
  • Safety cord
  • Lightweight
What Could Be Better:
  • Not suitable for large areas

Is It For You?

This tiller is best if you have a small yard and need a lightweight machine.

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5. Sun Joe TJW24C Cordless Cultivator (Best Cordless) 

Sun Joe TJW24C 24-Volt Cordless Telescoping Cultivator/Weeder
  • [POWERFUL]: 250-watt motor and 10 durable Steel tines easily…
  • [EASY MANEUVER]: 6-in. Single-wheel design is ideal for…
  • [VERSATILE]: Great for weeding or mixing in soil amendments….

Next, we have another great product from Sun Joe – the TJW24C cordless cultivator. It has a 250-watt battery-powered motor and ten steel tines, making it perfect for breaking up any soil type, including tough clay. It is easy to maneuver and has one wheel, enabling you to cultivate tight spaces with ease.

The rechargeable battery means you have the best of both worlds; electrically powered and cordless for up to 60 minutes before recharging. Also, this tiller is super light, weighing only 4.5lb.

All in all, reviews for this tiller are positive, with buyers commenting on the ease of movement, making the job of tilling and cultivating less strenuous.

What We Like:
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • 60 minute usage
What Could Be Better:
  • Not suitable for massive jobs

Is It For You?

The Sun Joe TJW24C is best if you are looking for a cordless machine for smaller jobs.

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6. MELLCOM Electric Cultivator/Tiller (Best Premium Pick)

Finally, the Mellcom 16-inch electric cultivator/tiller is ideal for serious plowing and was selected as our best premium pick. It has a powerful 12 amp motor that provides a speed of up to 400 rpm. And as it doesn’t have any wheels, this tiller can reach a depth of 10 inches into the ground without wheels getting in the way.

Additionally, the metal frame and manganese steel blades ensure this design is highly durable. It also has the benefit of a waterproof coating to reduce rust.

This tiller comes equipped with a safety lock, which means it only works when the switch and safety lock are pressed simultaneously, limiting potential accidents. It is easy to put together and comes with full instructions.

What We Like:
  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • High speed
  • Good quality frame
  • Safety features
What Could Be Better:
  • Heavy

Is It For You?

The Mellcom 16-inch electric tiller/cultivator is best if you need a powerful and durable machine for larger jobs.

NOTE: The Mellcom 16-inch electric tiller is currently unavailable. However, a very similar alternative is the Bilt Hard Tiller Cultivator. Check it out below…

BILT HARD Tiller Cultivator 16 inch, 13.5 Amp 6 Steel Tines Tillers for Gardening…
  • Powerful and Safety Motor – Electric Tiller whose AC motor…
  • Front Tines – 6 rust-resistant blades max speed 360RPM each…
  • Foldable Handles – Four quick bolt knob combinations and…

So What’s The Best Electric Tiller For You?

So having considered the many different models currently on the market, how can you decide which electric tiller is right for you?

Firstly, if you are likely to use your tiller more than once, consider investing in the best overall product, the Sun Joe TJ604E. It ticks many boxes and can deal with any job you throw at it. It’s also worth the extra money for quality.

Secondly, if you have a small yard but still want to create a little piece of paradise, you will need to cultivate it to transform it into something lovely. In this case, a mini tiller such as the Earthwise TC70025 or the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools TC70001S will be perfect for your needs. These machines are cheaper without compromising power and are great for getting in between plants and hard-to-reach spaces.

Thirdly, if you need to cultivate large areas of heavy clay or break up rocky soil, choosing a durable tiller is essential. It will need to be able to cope with the job at hand and not break. Therefore, the Hattomen or the Mellcom would make an excellent choice in this case.

And if the thought of getting tangled up with wires strikes fear into your heart, then a cordless machine such as the Sun Joe TJW24C will be right up your street. Still powered by electricity, this rechargeable option lets you take your tiller anywhere.

Buying Guide – Some Key Points To Consider

If you are confused by the specifications for electric tillers, do not fear. We have put together this handy buyer’s guide so you know exactly what key points you need to look for before making a final decision. Let’s take a look! 

1. Power and Size

First, when choosing an electric garden tiller, you should identify how powerful it is by looking at the amp number. Small tillers will usually sit between 5 and 6 amps, and larger ones will be 10 amps plus. 

Also, most electric tillers are small and easy to maneuver. However, mini ones are even smaller, so you should opt for the mini version if you have difficulty carrying large machines. 

2. Tine Number

Tines are the metal blades on a tilling machine that rotate and dig into the soil. So, the higher the number of tines, the better job they do of breaking up soil, stone, and rock. Some tillers have 16 tines, making them a powerful and durable option for more challenging terrain. 

3. Speeds

The speed that the tines move is another important feature to look out for. The faster the speed, the quicker the job will get done. Most rotational speeds should be between 180-200 rpm.

If you plan to use your electric tiller for several jobs of different sizes, choose a tiller with a variable speed option so you can adjust it for harder and lighter jobs. 

4. Portability

Look out for tillers with folding handles and easy-to-carry features. Especially if you will need to carry it to different areas for use. Some machines are super heavy, so they are best for keeping in one location. Also, wheels should enhance portability and help with pushing on hard surfaces when relocating. 

5. Safety

As with all corded electrical products, you should ensure that you operate your machine in a safe and risk-free way. With this in mind, most tillers have integrated safety features, such as lock switches and cord lock systems. 

6. Price 

There are many affordable options on the market. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it may be a false economy if you buy too cheap. In this case, you may need to buy another machine if the current one isn’t up to the job. So be sure to read the reviews and do some online research to inform your final choice. 

7. Maintenance

Another great advantage of electric tillers is that they require very little maintenance. There are only a few moving parts, meaning nothing much can go wrong.

So unless you’re using a small machine for a big job, electric tillers rarely break down. They are also super quiet and better for the environment than gas-powered alternatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use An Electric Tiller For?

An electric tiller can make a massive difference to back-breaking gardening jobs. For example, you can use it to break up the soil, add compost to flower beds or vegetable plots, and loosen up weeds. Tilling also helps aerate the soil and add moisture to help things grow. 

Is Tilling The Same As Cultivating?

Typically, tilling is used to break up impacted soil for new garden beds and to loosen stones and rocks from the earth. It can also break through roots and help pull up stubborn weeds. However, cultivating continues after tilling and is used to mix in extra soil, compost, or fertilizer. Most electric tillers can offer both functions. 

What Body Action Is Used In Tilling?

Firstly, you should always handle an electric tiller with caution and read the instruction manual. All tillers are designed to be pushed through the soil, which requires upper-body strength. The engines are powerful, so you should ensure that you have a firm grip and can guide the tiller where it needs to go. 

It is important that you never pull a tilling machine, as it can cause injury or worse. Also, the blades can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. 

Can You Get Rid Of Grass With An Electric Tiller?

Yes, a good quality high-watt tiller can successfully cut through grass and uproot weeds. Just run the machine over the grass, and it should break down into clumps. And if you want to remove the grass altogether, you should invest in a heavy-duty model with rear tines. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, an electric tiller is a great investment that can save you a lot of time and back-breaking work. So, now that we’ve shared our list of the best electric tillers and the key points to look out for when buying, you’re sure to make the right choice. 


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